Diagnostics Drives Mining Customers’ Equipment Purchasing Decisions

Diagnostics Drives Mining Customers’ Equipment Purchasing Decisions

Mirenco diagnostics drives mining customers’ equipment purchasing decisions and re-evaluation of maintenance procedures

For more than fifteen years Mirenco has continually developed combustion diagnostic products and reporting services. Beginning with a baseline evaluation and re-evaluating each engine at specified intervals, our customers can monitor the engine health of their vehicles effectively and affordable.

We provide the following online diagnostic tools for managers/ professional mechanics:

Private website access for individual customers:

The Mirenco combustion reports simplify the problem of understanding engine combustion and decisions for engines needing corrective actions.

• As documented in our database history, numerous Cat engines, base-lined at less than 500 hours and re-evaluated at intervals throughout 20,000 hours of engine life continue to perform at new engine factory specks over the engine life.

• Through MDEP evaluations, operators are able to identify problems with injectors both new and rebuilt, correct CU algorithms for turbochargers, and identify air and oil filter contamination.

• Mirenco has teamed up with professional mechanics to solve complicated combustion engine problems.

Case Study:  While working on a chronic engine problem in Iowa,  Mirenco lined up a Kentucky mechanic so both mechanics were looking at the same combustion results in real-time. By joining the skills of two professional mechanics using Mirenco’s combustion diagnostics,  a chronic, three-year engine performance problem was solved in less than 3 hours.

Mirenco provides customers with calculated fuel loss per Liter the engine burns. DPM mass is also calculated from combustion results for the underground mining customers having MSHA air quality regulations. Our calculations have been developed from several years of EPA test cell work involving projects testing new and older engines.

Mirenco has helped numerous customers find answers to their engine combustion questions.